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  • Atatürk Area

    This central main street passes through almost the entire city, and is known for the monument to Mustafa Kemal, the founder of modern Turkey, releasing a white dove of peace to the sky. The dancing fountains in front of the monument captivate your view and the nearby attractive sculpture The Rain of Love presents a man and a woman frozen in a dance of love, having a rest and locals pulling here and again. Nearby is the symbol of the city towering over the city - the snow-white clock tower. The square is surrounded by numerous souvenir shops, the bus station is located nearby, and then you can see numerous 5 * Hotels in the city.

  • Clock Tower

    Snow-white stone structure with a high spire located on Atatürk Square. Located near singing dancing fountains. A traditional market with vegetables, fruits and a variety of spices is periodically held on the square.

  • Mosque

    A beautiful white marble religious structure erected in 1983 with one minaret and related to one of the shrines of the Turkish Riviera. The total area of 15 thousand m2. On the second floor there is a museum, where an extensive collection of Muslim art and Islamic relics is presented.

  • Phaselis

    The ancient city located 13 km from Kemer. It is located on a small peninsula near the foot of the Tahtalı mountain with diverse history and legends. It will immerse you in the 6th-7th century BC. founded by the Greeks colonists from about. Rhodes, who offered local residents dried fish instead of these lands and in the ruins of the Lycian port with a number of strong walls of the fortress. Near the port are ancient tombs, where Alexander the Great is buried, as legend has it. In this area, the remains of the temple of Athena and the acropolis, amphitheater, crypt. Athena was elevated as a goddess - the protector of the city, and also worshiped the god of commerce - Hermes. According to an ancient legend, a spear belonging to Achilles was kept here. You will feel the spirit of Byzantine and Roman times, the rise and fall of all civilizations reflecting a diverse culture - this is one of the most famous archaeological sites of Antalya.

  • Olympos

    Antique city from the time of 5-6 centuries BC. er Part of the Lycian Union, located 45 km from Kemer, legends say that the city was founded by pirates in the 3rd century BC The city is located in the valley of the most picturesque Ulupınar river at the foot of the Tahtalı mountains, which were previously called Olympos, which translated means mountain. For its history belonged to the Byzantines, the Venetians, the Genoese. Today Olympos belongs to a part of the National Park and doesnt allow many tourists to come to it so that the city does not disappear completely. The city is not very well preserved, to recreate it until they are going, but it is possible to climb it in the ruins and consider the monuments of different eras.

  • Fire Chimera

    Spread in the mountains Yanartaş means as a “burning mountain” - this is a unique fascinating phenomenon on planet Earth whose torches reached two meters in height, the natural mystical fire near the Turkish village of ираıralı constantly burns on the mountain slopes. The legendary mountain tops are known from ancient centuries-old history and are covered with many secrets, legends, and mentioned by Homer in the Iliad the dwelling place of a terrible monster that frightened people. The legend says that the ancient Greek hero Bellerophon, who received Athena's patronage as a golden bridle, heading the gift of the horse's gods, Pegasus, flies up and attacks with a spear on the three-headed fire-breathing fearsome monster Chimera with a mixture of lion, goats and snakes frightening and eating the people, who killed the people and the people who died, the people, the people, and the people who died, the people, the people, and the people who died, the people, the people, and the people who died, the people, the people, and the people who killed the people, the people who killed the people and the people who killed the people will have to fight them the fire remained burning. Later, at the base of the mountains, the city of Olympos was born, according to a legend, where Prometheus discovered to people the inextinguishable flame of fire, which only Gods had seen before. After that, people began to hold various festivals, shows, various events having built a huge stone square and began to hold competitions in which the winner delivered a fiery burning torch from the mountain to the Zeus Cathedral in Olympos - these competitions marked the beginning of the Olympic Games. ships and pirates. On the platforms of Mount Chimera you can touch the ancient remains of the cathedral ruins erected to the god of fire, Gefes, and his forge was located in the mountains. Near the burning torches there is a religious architectural structure from the time of the Byzantine period - the basilica, which is partially preserved and only domes and some remains of frescoes are visible. Walking along the ancient paths called the “path of fire” you can see one huge and several small burning torches. The upper path diverges in two directions, and on the trap you can go through the "dear religious ceremonies." To the east, over a height of more than 750 meters and 15 km, is the Goktaş fort that served as the guard post of the Lycian pirates. This mountain phenomenon is shrouded in smoke and fire, according to modern scientists, associated with the release of natural gas accumulated over many centuries, coming to the surface and coming into contact with oxygen, forms a fire show. The flame periodically changes its saturation, and in some places it fades to re-ignite. During the day, the most picturesque landscapes and unforgettable views of the Anatolian coast open up. Effectively after sunset the fiery flame of reeds consecrated by the lunar disk is seen in the mountains. Many who wish to go to the mountains take with them the torches that light on Yanartash, the fire is not intense and gives you the opportunity not to get burned. All this immerses you to feel part of the world of ancient gods in the centuries-old space of legends seeing such amazing landscapes of the ancient atmosphere to believe in a monster and heroes.

  • Cable Car Tahtalı

    It is located from Kemer to the south-west of the Tahtalı mountains covered with various legends and secrets, the length of which is 4350 meters and the highest possible anguish is 2365 meters, the duration of the trip in comfortable cabins is 10 minutes. The lower station is located near the village of Çamyuva, the upper station on the upper top of the Tahtalı mountains with a constant summer temperature of + 15 degrees.

  • Water Park Dolu Su

    One of the most extreme aqua parks in Turkey, which has recently opened, has more than 30 aquatic new attractions, of which several are children's. Here, the Tornado Hill first appeared. Take a ride on a lot of adrenaline; you can also be satiated with a wave-shaped pool, visit an exciting dolphin show. You get into the game water world.

  • Moon light

    This is a family park not far from the city port along the Mediterranean coast, where you can hide in the summer heat among the tall palm trees and the enchanting scent of pines. In the park during the day you can visit the mini-zoo and dolphinarium, ride horses, visit the tennis court and basketball court, lie on one of the best beaches in the region, ride water-skiing, yacht and various water attractions, visit the mini-shopping center . A musical show is held every day, and there is a special nightlife with numerous clubs, discos and restaurants. The park has a variety of entertainment for every taste and age.

  • Public Bazaar

    Everyday changes its location in different surroundings of the region. In the central part on Monday there is a seasonal vegetable market with a variety of food products near the Viking Star hotel and on Tuesday at the “Moonlight” beach the clothing market (Kemer Public Bazar). Prices are cheaper than in stores; locals mainly buy products here. Here you can see the Turkish bazaar trade of local color.

  • Museum - reserve ethnography Yörük

    Under the open sky it is located on a peninsula on the mountain landscape of Kücükburun near the Mediterranean Sea near the city and was opened in 1986. Gives you the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent opening landscapes and plunge into the culture, life and traditions of the nomadic Yörük tribe who lived several centuries ago in the mountain valleys, being energetic entrepreneurs. The variety of exhibits and traditional cuisine will not leave you indifferent.

  • Beldibi Cave

    This is a beautiful place discovered in 1956, which spread east to the city of Olympus, where the Beldibi River originates. Passing through it you can get to the waterfall. In the last century, archaeologists found unusual clay products and tools on the bones of animals and stones, rock paintings that were taken to the Antalya History Museum. Visiting this mysterious place of the darkened dungeon you will be able to see if you are lucky with rock paintings. Afterwards, anyone can stay for the night in the interesting village of Beldibi, located among various gardens, boarding houses, restaurants and souvenir shops.

  • Ecopark Tekirova

    The exotic territory with an area of 40000 m 2 contains a botanical garden with more than 365 species of rare plants with a collection of 1.5 million cacti and an extensive collection of reptiles and amphibians, you can feed turtles and fish.

  • Dinopark

    This family entertainment for any age located in the forest of Göynük near the city is the only one on the coast of Turkey, the total area is 30,000 m 2 including 28 exhibits of animated dinosaurs that react to movement and different sounds emit their frightening growl and movement. You will feel the atmosphere of the Jurassic period. The most popular figure mom - a dinosaur with a baby on the back constantly growls and moves. On the territory for children, excavations of the skeleton of one of the dinosaurs are carried out with special archaeological brushes, and there are various attractions, a horror room, a 7-D cinema, a corner of creativity and restaurants.

  • Diving

    This fascinating journey into the underwater world will surprise you with unforgettable impressions in the best periods from May to September. Favorite places without strong currents Bay "Aquarium", "Mayak", "Kabardzhik" - got its name between two caves half filled with sea water and "Tunnel" - a whole complex of marine underwater tunnels and caves of living fish and other marine inhabitants. An amazing underwater adventure near the sunken warship about 100 years ago “PARIS” and in another part of the sea of the sunken vessel “Pati” overgrown with shells will give you a long memory a lot of sensations and pleasures among a kind of underwater world.

  • Choosing Kemer among other resorts in Turkey you will get a lot of bliss exciting holiday for every taste and preference. A variety of mountain landscapes with a warm caressing sea will give a lot of photos - video images preserved in your memory. The city will amaze you with its diversity from a non-recurring centuries-old history and with many geographic rocks to modern cultural complexes, hotels, parks, unforgettable entertainment. Having been here you will have the opportunity to visit the ruins of Olympos, to see the fiery tongues of the affected Chimera, to experience different eras of Phaselis, to visit - Demre, Mira, Kekovo, to enjoy modern Kemer with all its attractions.

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